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Virtual Gathering Platform

Connect and Share: Virtual Memorial Streaming

Virtual Gathering Platform

At Loving Ceremony, our Virtual Gathering Platform offers a heartfelt way to bring family and friends together, no matter where they are.

With our live streaming process, you can choose to have the funeral streaming as private or as accessible as desired, and easily share the link using social media or private messages to connect your loved ones.

During the live stream, our Tribute Wall allows family and friends to leave messages, providing a virtual space for sharing memories and offering condolences. You have the option to download the guestbook or disable it from the service, ensuring control over the content.

Our platform works seamlessly on any device, in any browser, with no accounts, login, or downloads required for your guests. There are unlimited viewers and views during and after the service, allowing everyone to participate in honoring your loved one.

Once the stream is finished, you'll receive a full recording of the service, preserving the memories for years to come. Additionally, your guests will receive automatic email reminders one day and one hour before the funeral, as well as notifications as soon as it goes live.

Whether watched in real-time or at their own pace, our private link allows your family and friends to access the live stream for up to a year, providing flexibility and comfort during difficult times.

Let Loving Ceremony help you create a meaningful and inclusive tribute that brings your loved ones together, even when physically apart.

$395 - Funeral or Memorial Service Live Streaming

$695 - Visitation Live Streaming - Up to four (4) hours

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