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Memorial Keepsakes

Preserve Memories with Personalized Keychains

Memorial Keepsakes

At Loving Ceremony, our Memorial Keepsakes offer a heartfelt way to cherish the memories of your loved one. Our standard keepsake keychains are customizable, with options for one, two, or more charms to symbolize significant aspects of their life. These tangible pieces serve as a touching reminder that you can carry with you, keeping your loved one close to heart.

In addition to our keychains, you can personalize your keepsakes further by adding a faux-leather colored tassel, providing a tangible connection to your loved one's favorite color or adding a bit more substance to the keepsake.

Beyond keychains, we offer a range of memorial items tailored to celebrate your loved one's unique interests and passions. Whether it's memorial seed packets for a flower enthusiast or poker chips for a casino lover, we strive to provide meaningful mementos that reflect their personality and bring comfort to those who cherish their memory.

Our Memorial Keepsakes are available in quantities of 25, ensuring that everyone attending the service receives one and allowing for extras to accommodate those who may not have been informed of the funeral or were unable to attend. Let us help you honor your loved one's legacy with thoughtful and personalized keepsakes.

**Minimum order of 25**

Available Options:

  • $2.50 - Keychain with one charm

  • $1.00 - Each additional charm or leather tassel per keychain

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